The first to rent a car with menorca car hire, ┬áto know Menorca definitely you need a car, but the island is small to enjoy those magical moments, those magnificent beaches without seeing the car clock needs. In my case take a Panda, I do not know why, but I get the impression all simple, natural, game and, of course, with the size of Menorca … Even if we had the hotel booked, we allow the Mediterranean is the energy to do any driving, was the wind takes us where it saw fit, including the panda, which is thousands of times safer than travel to magical places in Menorca.

I hesitate to suggest any place, in particular, because I think it would ruin the charm allowed to flow. Nor is it my intention to talk about restaurants, visits to the prehistoric peoples, or of the various options offered by the island of Menorca is talking all the time, talking about magic, the color speaks, moves, compels still relaxes. We took those moments, those long evenings in the magnificent unspoilt bays but particularly those walks through the ports, those hidden corners where you can embrace nature, the feeling of new experiences from the most basic, the most simple. …

Our purpose was lost in time for a few days from the hectic pace in which we see almost all related. The slow pace of the island, its people and allows you to enjoy new sensations, breathing in the sea, or simply let the colors of nature. It is an adventure for those who love peace, harmony and beauty.

When you are going to return the bags you realize, you have to go back, that much remains to be seen, or simply feel that they have found an oasis where you can come whenever you need a little ‘peace. Four days are few, but in possession of those memories is a good conditioner for the city in which we live