UNESCO has recognized the diversity of habitats on the island of Minorca in 1993 as a World Biosphere Reserve. The conservation of the island and the virtual absence of human settlement offer landscapes of untouched nature in their islands.
Along the coast, the beaches and coves of Minorca, they look almost untouched, with white sand and crystal clear waters. Inside, pine, oak and olive trees, in addition to the greener pastures that cattle are grass typical of the West of the Balearic Islands.
Mahon, the capital of Menorca, boasts one of the three most beautiful natural harbors in the world and offers countless treasures in its coast, and its cobbled streets.
After a visit to the city, you need to take the car to visit the beautiful setting of about Mahon. With a car hire Menorca can enjoy perfectly the entire island without spending much time. Why Menorca is 47 miles long, and renting a car you can travel around the island
And ‘interesting to visit some of its megalithic monuments, most Talayótico period (2000 and 1000.), Which are scattered throughout the territory without secrets have been revealed. 4 km Mahon, on the road connecting the capital with Ciutadella, the prehistoric settlement of Talatí de Dalt, one of the most important sites for the conservation of its great taula (two blocks of stone in the shape of T), and the remains of a central Talaiot houses centuries VII-III (circular could have been a lookout or a tomb construction). C.
Located 2 km from Mahon, to Sant Lluís, is one of the most important prehistoric sites in Menorca: the city of Trepucó. In it you can see a giant taula and Talaiot.
Although the whole island is booked, in the Natural Park of Albufera des Grau, near Mahon, also emphasizes the diversity of ecosystems and many endemic species. It is an important wetland is also recommended to visit those who have a car hire in Menorca.