Car Rental Menorca, Menorca is a unique island. On the one hand retains much of its virgin territory and, secondly, provides visitors with the necessary services to spend a quality holiday.

Car hire in Menorca ideal, (can be at the airport), and pleasant around the island, leaving a map to guide our western routes from the island of Majorca.

Everyone agrees that the best way to move is to Menorca car hire and raised no difficulties with access to the most incredible places travelers.

Among the most recommended de Menorca, Cala Pregonda, one of the wonders of the coastal town of North Island. To reach the beach you need to come up with the rental car to the beach • Binimel. We’ll leave the car for a road, that of the left side of the beach, about a 30 minute walk. And before you reach Pregonda, Pregondó, his little sister, who will leave us speechless with their beauty.

In the south of the island, is one of the best beaches Trebaluger. They also need to leave our rental car, in this case in Cala Mitjana, and do half an hour ‘s walk to get to this paradise on earth.

The fishing village of Binibeca is another must visit the island of Menorca. An entire village with its whitewashed houses on the wall, with narrow streets and passages that lead us to dream of the sea. Binibeca and Fornells are good places to try the famous lobster bisque Menorca. Delicious.

Of course, the capital Mahon and Ciutadella city, deserve another leg of our journey. Two different cities, with a rich cultural heritage